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Acoustica wall Panel
Acoustica Wall Panel
First the floor plate needs efficient partitions to yield maximum usable area. acoustica provides solutions with Tufbloc wall systems that sport a metal frame, polyfibre infill and magnesia boards as skins. They boast very high ratings for water, fire, sound & impact resistance.

India continues to largely use brickwalls for internal partitions in high-rise buildings. This is because walls on offer so far have suffered from infirmities and hence the reluctance of the building community to patronise them. All this is set to change with Acoustica’s Tufbloc magnesia drywalls. This is because magnesia walls mimic brickwalls the closest with water and impact resistance, screw holding and tiling capabalities apart from fire resistance, strength and durabilty. Plus all the advantages of a drywall in being lightweight, dry, fast install and sustainable. Hence you get the best of both worlds and can now have lighter buildings, no dependance on scarce masonry skillsets that are slow to install and even scarcer resources like sand and water. Tufbloc magnesia boards are also used for false ceilings and wall linings.